Sunday, February 1, 2009


Welcome to Living Light for Less. This blog is dedicated to living a healthy, fulfilled life on a budget.

A Little About Me
I am a 23 year old first grade teacher who is married to my best friend. My husband is also a teacher. We first started dating when I was a freshman in high school. We got married when I was 19, and have been married for 4 years. Each day is better than the last, and I often can't believe how blessed I am. We have always been somewhat frugal. We like to save money and believe in paying cash for things.

My lifestyle changed drastically when my husband started suffering from migraines. For a year, he had a migraine almost every day, all day long. He was placed on several different medicines that had NO affect on his headaches. Finally, after research of our own, we decided to drastically change our diets to try to overcome the migraines. The migraine diet we started is completely vegan. We also avoid caffeine, nuts, artificial preservatives and colors, yeast, chocolate, pickled things, and fermented things.

Amazingly, one week after we changed our diet, the headaches were gone. Completely. We have been following this diet for 5 months and have been almost headache free. We have started to reintroduce foods each week and are learning triggers to my husbands headaches. One of his triggers is yeast. Thankfully, this isn't very difficult to avoid. We don't eat sandwiches often, and yeast isn't found in many other things that we eat. Each week is a new challenge to try to keep our meals interesting, healthy, AND frugal.

About Our Frugal Lifestyle
I have always wanted to stay at home with our children, for at least a little bit. I've never thought this would be a possibility on a teacher's salary. Through budgeting and couponing, I am starting to see that my dream may be able to become a reality. Before we start a family, we are practicing our budgeting and saving to prepare for the next stage in our lives!

Join me on my journey as I plan, budget, save, and prepare healthy food for my family!

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