Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Week-New Deals

I always love the start of a new week.  I love seeing what new sales and deals are out for the week.  I like to use Sundays as my days to work on my grocery list, drugstore lists, and coupon matches.  After church on Sunday, I stop by Walgeens to pick up the paper, then I head home to make lunch.  After Hubbie and I have enjoyed our lunch (Spicy black bean, tomato, and corn soup today) I lounge around and start searching for coupon matches.  I don't do all the matching myself though.  I'm a teacher, so I like to stick to the principle of "think smarter, not harder".  Instead of matching all the coupons myself and pouring over the ads, I use several different websites and blogs to help me find the best deals and coupon matches.  Some of my favorite blogs for coupon matches are:

These sites all offer coupon matches for the stores I frequent the most.  I'll be heading to Rite Aid and Kroger tomorrow, so stop back by to see what deals I found!

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