Sunday, March 15, 2009

Walgreens, Walmart, and Kroger

I've been absent from blogging forever, it feels like. I'm a teacher, and one of the occupational hazards is illness. I've been sick for practically the last 3 weeks. First I had the flu, then I came down with some kind of congestion cold, then I moved on to severe sinus problems accompanied by headaches for 6 days straight. I'm finally starting to feel better, and its about time I got back to blogging. :-)

Here's my shopping trips for this week. I stopped at Kroger, Walgreens, and Walmart.

Walgreens Transaction #1
2 Crest toothpaste, clearance at $.95 each
2 Crest Healthy Radiance toothpaste and whitening strips, clearance at $2.79 each
3 Listerine Mouthwash, $3.00 each
3 Kleenex 110 Ct tissues, $.89 each
2 packages pencils, $.99 each

Coupons Used
$1.00/1 Crest toothpaste
$.75/1 Crest toothpaste
$5.00/1 Crest Whitening Strips (I bought 2 of the Heatlhy Radiance because I was afraid the register would beep at me for having an overage)
$3.00/3 Listerine
$.50/3 Kleenex Tissues
$10.00 Walgreens Register Reward (RR)

Total Before Coupons: $24.28
Total After: $2.83
I also received a $6 RR for buying three Listerine mouthwashes. I also received a $1 RR, but I'm not sure what I bought that made the RR print out.

Walgreens Transaction #2
Listerine Whitening Rinse, clearance at $2.19
2 Crest toothpaste, clearance at $.95 each
3 Crest Healthy Radiance toothpaste and whitening strips, clearance at $2.79 each
3 Reach Toothbrushes, $3.00 each
2 Oral B Stages Toothbrushes, $3.49 each
1 Colgate Total Care Toothpaste, $3.49

Coupons Used
$.50/1 Listerine Mouthwash
2 $1.00/1 Crest Toothpaste
$.75/1 Crest Toothpaste
$5.00/1 Crest Whitening Strips
$3.00/3 Reach Products
BOGO Oral B Stages Toothbrushes
$.75/1 Colgate Toothpaste
$2.50 Colgate Easy Saver Coupon
$10.00 RR
$1 .00 RR

Total Before Coupons: $32.82
Total After Coupons: $3.88
I also received a $6 RR for buying 3 Reach Toothbrushes

Kroger Colombian Coffee, $2.99
Kroger Butter, $1.93
Country Crock margarine, $1.49
Kroger Tortilla Chips, $1.00
Kroger Comfort Baby Oil, $2.99 (I use this for eye makeup remover)
.58 lb Roma Tomatoes, $.57
Wholly Guacamole, $2.00
Celery, $1.99
Bell Pepper, $.89
2.19 lb Grapes, $3.61
Kroger Chocolate Chips, $1.28

Coupons Used
$1.00/1 Kroger Comfort Baby Item
$1.00/1 Wholly Guacomole

Total Before Coupons:$22.32
Total After Coupons: $20.32

2 Huggies Gentle Care Changing Pads, $2.82 each
1 Huggies Travel Wipes, $1.00
6 Johnson's Buddies, $.97
2 Glucerna Cereals, $3.94 each
Whoppers Strawberry Candy, $1.50

Coupons Used
$5.00/1 Gentle Care product ( I bought two items to avoid register beeps)
$1.00/1 Huggies bath and body product
3 $2.00/2 Johnson's Buddies product
$10.00/2 Glucerna Cereals (I wish my Walgreens carried this cereal because I would have received a RR for it)

Total Before Coupons: $22.24
Total After Coupons: $1.74

Total Before Coupons For All Transactions: $99.86
Total After Coupons: $28.77
Total Saved: $71.09

We didn't have to buy much food this week because I have a lot stockpiled. We are now pretty well stocked up on dental care items after this great week at Walgreens, and I also made $12.00 in RR!! This was a good week. I didn't really see anything that great at Rite Aid, but I might stop by this weekend if they have another $5/25 coupon. Come back tomorrow to see my menu plan for the week!



  1. Looks like i need to learn to do the coupon game...that's some good savings! And glad you are feeling better...I'm ready for spring and a break from germs too :)

  2. Wow! I saw your link over at the Grocery Cart Challenge and thought I'd stop by. Awesome job with all your savings!!!